Invest in high quality assets with focus on wealth preservation and attractive risk-adjusted returns
  • Identify and effectively direct “best in class” third party property management, execute value-add upgrades and capital projects, expand and target social media presence,
  • ESG Kullen has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to source compelling investment opportunities below replacement costs and often with attractive stabilized cash yields
  • Offer strong average cash flow and long-term appreciation
ESG Kullen will have in place a flexible operating plan designed to maximize overall returns
  • Changes in on-site management
  • Deferred maintenance and capital improvement programs
  • Revenue expansion, expense reduction and disposition plans
  • Enhanced marketing through branding, social media and website development

25.05% IRR/2.0x

on realized investments

1.1B in Acquisitions

assets under management $366 Million

29.7% Increase

of net operating income